Migrating from wordpress

I decided to revive my spirit to write. But wordpress somehow always gets in the way, keep me away from writing.


The issues with wordpress


I live in remote place, well not that remote, but the internet sucks. Another thing that sucks is when I have a nice idea for my next blog post but I have no internet connection.

I can surely write my draft offline, and write it on wordpress later if I have internet connection.

Well, the issue is, wordpress use what they called WYSIWYG editor. Its nice and stuff, but hell, its so unpleasant to use and its so unnecessary fancyness for a simple man like me.

So I just move on, look at the sky at night, then sleep, and start a new day.

With hexo, I can just write my stuff anytime, offline or online as long as I’m awake.


The truth is, what you see is not always what you get. The post editor is too fancy. Why do I need to clicking around with mouse and click a little button just for making some words italic?

Well, I guess they have keyboard shortcut for that, but no, thank you, I already have my own set of keyboard shortcut!

I already acustomized with the way I use vim, I’d like to write my stuff using keyboard, not mouse.

Hexo uses markdown for content formatting, so..vim ftw!

Syntax Highlight

I’m a software developer, most of my writings are about code. Well, wordpress syntax highlighting sucks.

I don’t know what happen but the code example that I wrote previously suddenly broken.

Maybe they do some update on the format? Or maybe I need to look into their confusing documentation once again just to be sure that I had it right? Hell no.

Its ugly, and its broken, I already lost my desire to write blog post.

Meanwhile, hexo default syntax highlighting is pretty decent, and look prettier.


I must say that they have indeed put a lot of effort to make a great product. There are also a lot of people that benefits from using wordpress.

But, again, I’m a simple man that love to write my stuff by hand using my overly configured vim.

There are just too many fancyness I don’t need, or I don’t even know of.

Some Final Words (?)

To be honest, I just getting started with hexo. I believe sooner or later I might (or might not?) miss some features that wordpress provided.

From the experience of writing some post using it, and have also migrated wordpress contents to hexo, I’m pretty sure I will love this.

But, all the features or drawbacks doesn’t really matter. The more important thing to do is to figure out how to drive a rather sleepy person like me to write out his thought instead of just chewing it in his sleep?